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Utility, RV, and Camper Rental Services

Rental Outfitters 

Rental Outfitters provides clean and well-equipped campers and trailer rentals. Not only are our camper and trailer rentals updated, but, there is no charge for mileage! We offer rental services to those looking for a great vacation and also offer broker rental services for those looking to make extra money when their trailers are not in use!

Camper Trailer Rentals

View Rental Outfitters’s fleet of camper and trailer rentals. Our rentals are checked by a certified mechanic and serviced multiple times a year.

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Utility Trailer Rentals

Rental Outfitters offers trailer rentals at an affordable price! These trailers can be used for moving or transporting ATV’s and other large objects.

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Generator Rentals

With 11 hours of run time at 25% load, this powerful inverter generator is ideal for powering RVs, camping, emergency power, and tailgating.

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Inventory For Sale

Rental Outfitters is selling all of our current inventory to make room for our 2020 Campers on their way! Check out the few campers we have left!

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Chris and Heather Johnson Rental Outfitters

Rental Outfitters Broker Services

Rental Outfitters is an idea that was started by Chris & Heather Johnson. We started with a single camper and renting it to families who wanted to enjoy the great outdoors. Over the years, our rental business has grown and driven us to expand our operation to include our broker services!

We are a family business that believes in hard work, honesty, and trust. If you share our values and want to be apart of our growing network, please contact us for more information!

Broker Services

We are an experienced team that will help manage your rental from start to finish!

Our Team

Our family business has expanded! Meet the newest members!

Commonly Asked Questions

What do camper rentals cost?

Rental Outfitters camper rentals start at just $99.00 per day and can cost up to $135 a day depending on the trailer selected.

Is renting an RV affordable?

 RV rental can be costly that is why Rental Outfitters offers low-cost mileage free travel trailers for rent.

What do I need to rent an RV?
Rental Outfitters rents RV trailers to persons over the age of 25 with a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance. Rental Outfitters also recommends checking your vehicle towing capacity, hitch equipment, and trailer wiring prior to making a reservation. Rental Outfitters friendly staff is available to answer your questions.
Is it better to rent or buy a camper?

Rental Outfitters recommends considering the amount of time or trips you plan to take with your camper. If the answer is 3 times or less a year renting is the best option.

Camper Rentals

View our fleet of campers.

Utility Trailers 

View our fleet of utility trailers.

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