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Take our propane generator along for outdoor events, camping or job site use, or use it around the home for projects and emergency backup. As consumers become more conscious of their green footprint, they look for ways to use less fossil fuel, but ideally not at the expense of convenience.

For many applications, propane is the answer. Unlike gasoline, Liquid Propane can be stored indefinitely without deterioration, and safely transported without spillage. Propane is also readily available and is used by millions of people to fuel everything from furnaces to grills to vehicles.

This means you won’t need to run out to a gas station to stock up on fuel when your power goes out. Liquid propane also emits low carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and fewer toxic pollutants than gasoline.

Generator Technical Information

  • The propane tank must be returned full or exchanged for a full tank at any local propane exchange or fill location.
  • 6 hours of Run Time included
  • Running/Starting Watts: 5500/6875
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 20/30 lbs
  • Run Time @ 50% Load: 4.75 / 7 hours
  • Oil Type: Check chart in manual
  • Oil Capacity: 1.06 Qts
  • Fuel Type: LP
  • Starting Method: Recoil/Pull Start
  • Battery Included: No
  • Battery P/N: 0G9449
  • Outlet Types: (1) 120/240V 30A L14-30R Twist Lock Outlet/(2) 120
  • Air Filter P/N: 0J47870141
  • Extension cord included: No
  • Spark Plug #: 0G84420101
  • Spark Plug Gap: 0.030 inch (0.76mm)
  • Fuse Type: Buss Fuse

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