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Do you have a trailer you would like to rent? We are an experienced team that will manage your camper rental from start to finish. Enjoy the stress-free profits of your camper rental while we handle all the hard work.

Chris and Heather Johnson Rental Outfitters

Rental Outfitters is more than a camper rental business!

Are you looking to start a side business renting your personal equipment? Do you want to make some extra cash with your RV, or vehicle, do you offer party or event rentals? We are offering a variety of services from full management of your rental or a dedicated webpage highlighting you and your services on our high traffic website.

We take pride in maintaining our fleet of rentals and will do the same for you. We understand that renting out your personal items can be stressful, time-consuming, and hard to schedule. We are an experienced team that will help manage your rental from start to finish. Our broker services include, full-service bookings, rental agreements, payment processing, insurance, roadside assistance, marketing, and our mechanically experienced team will provide a full inspection both before and after the booking.

We manage it all!


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Vehicle Rentals (Cars, Trucks, Limos)

Rental Outfitters Broker Service has many options and benefits for you. Our website is the perfect place to host your business or rental item without the cost of building and maintaining a website. You will have your own page with a direct link to your service. Our website is optimized and ranking high because we are bringing local rental services together. When a customer starts looking for one product or service, they find us all!

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